израждане на лични блог мрежиPrivate Blog Networks (PBNs), are a series of blogs that you or someone else own. The purpose of these networks is to create links and so called link juice - recommendations and vote of trust to the linked websites, making them move forward in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Private Blog Networks are SEO services at a very high level since they mislead the search engines. Numerous sites are owned by one person, but not each of them is used for profit. Most of them actually exist to generate traffic to one main website, publishing references to it and thereby enhancing Google’s trust in this site, leading to its better ranking.

In most cases, these networks are created from expired domains. Google reports expired domains as more authoritative than new ones and prioritize in SERP your winning site because it has vote of trust by reference from "reliable source".

PBNs also protect the privacy of your personal data and other sensitive information, which is especially important for smaller businesses. This protection comes from the fact that the network is private, it is not linked to other external networks. The main advantage of Private Blog Networks is that they are not vulnerable to technical problems outside the network and can protect themselves. The work of PBNs can’t be terminated by the lack of an Internet connection or a server problem caused by external sources.

No other strategy for building a network of links and site optimization does not allow much greater freedom of action. In Private Blog Networks one person exercises control over the links and the content in the domain, which gives him the right to modify and create content relating to the area that is currently required.

Holders of personal blog networks can change the text of which a user has to click to follow a link – the anchor text, and also to conduct regular tests of optimization performance.

Since only you insure your network of links, PBN saves you time and effort for building relationships and networking with partners, allowing you to be completely independent in your business. That's why you have to take care to maintain high level of satellite sites so your profitable website may receive quality links from authoritative sources.