SEO Offpage Optimization


The basic purpose of this service is with different approaches to create real popularity to you and your website with links from other websites. You can think of those links as positive and negative voices. The more links you have linking to your site, the better.

If you have links from websites with bad reputation or other thematic, this could have bad impact on your website. Similar to this problems can be seen if you have paid links to your website.

However, if you have links from your webpage with purpose connected to it, this is considered as a positive result.

Basic methods for Offpage optimization

  • Directory submissions
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Blog comments
  • Article submissions
  • Press release submissions
  • Themed blog networks
  • Link baiting

Working process

Building the correct links toward your website is very delicate process. All keywords have to be planned carefully and synonyms have to be used as well.

For better understanding please consider the following situation: Let’s imagine that in the whole Internet there are only 2 websites and they are connected to one key word. How the search engine should define which site would have a higher rank? What and who determine the position? If we put aside all other requirements and processes in SEO except link building – those sites with better quality or site posts are ranked higher.

And after a while when no more quality links are connected to the website it loses the trust of the search engines. Other pages come on its place and they start to rank better.

Required time

This is a hard question. Often clients are interested in precise forecast about ranking of their websites. Our answer is always the same. Having in mind that Google says only one thing – if you want your website to be better ranked you have to build links. The bad part is that no one knows how many links are necessary toward specific keyword and where it will rank after the link building. Google is also not telling which links are positive and which – not. There is no tool on the market which can give us this data and there is no precise algorithm. As a result we can only guess and work hard for the improving the position of our clients' websites using all available rules and requirements.

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