SEO Onpage Optimization


This service means checking specific elements page by page and correcting if necessary to make sure you have the best opportunity to rank as high as possible on the targeted results on the search engines.

Our service includes a checkup page by page and preparing a strategic optimization plan for each page.

Main purpose of the onpage optimization

The goal of this service is to build a page that is "optimized" for search engines to read and understand it. Using a few coding elements to tell Google exactly what you expect to get from the visitors’ traffic. The most basic tags that are relevant to the positioning of your page in the target results are:

  • Page Title
  • Page Description
  • Page Content
  • Description of images
  • Linking between pages
  • Friendly URLs addresses

Title of the page

The title of your page is perhaps the most important SEO element for better positioning. This is still the first thing your visitors read before clicking on your results. Having a well-written title means that you will get more traffic and will also make your website looks more relevant for a larger target group. In the title, it would be good to include your trademark, company name or product - targeted to the specific page, short phrase or keyword - which give an explanation of the page and includes a phone number.

Description of the page

This optimization item goes just below the page title in Google's target results. With recent Google changes, it says that it gives you less weight for SEO optimization. But we do not absolutely agree with that.

We always recommend and try to achieve the highest result with this method. It must contain a short phrase for the targeted keywords page. It may contain a business address, a phone number, or a business name.

If you take the time, you will see that your competitors put key keywords in the description tag to manipulate the search engine algorithm and this is obviously successful in many cases.

Text content

Content optimization on one page plays a key role in the entire process of optimizing your website. According to some of our colleagues this is not true but we have our own observations and we think this is essential.

Our recommendation is never to achieve a keyword saturation for the particular page, and the text content itself should not be written for search engines but for your visitors. Avoid bold, underline and italic texts. And never focus only on keywords and use synonyms.

Description of Images (Alt tag)

Our professional opinion is that page images should be optimized with text that gives information about the image and avoiding exact match of keywords.

Linking between pages

Internal connectivity is important as much as external links to your page or website. It is desirable when mentioning a word that describes another page of your website to create a link to it.

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